I am really excited to share the first episode (vlog 1) of our wedding planning prep. I really want to document as much of this wedding process as possible for a couple of reasons. 

1. Because I want to have crystal clear memories of everything to do with our wedding and that includes having it on tape

2. Because I want to be able to help anyone else out who is planning a wedding or wants to plan a wedding in the future. 

A wedding is a very special moment in your life and it should be something you enjoy, not something that stresses you out and turns you into a bridezilla. Don't get me wrong, it's impossible to avoid high stress moments but I want to minimize them as much as possible and just enjoy this time of planning and prepping as much as I can.

My favourite way to do that is to plan and prep as early as possible. Nick was pretty hesitant at first, he wanted us to slow down and really enjoy our engagement but I thought the best way to enjoy this time was to get started early so that we can take our time and really enjoy each moment along the way rather than leaving everything late and making it a stressful experience.

It was actually really special for me, when we went into Stuart Weitzman at Pac Centre the girls in the store commented on how I was the calmest bride they had ever seen and that it was so refreshing. It was a huge compliment to me. Nick and I were able to take our time in the store, really make sure we got what we wanted and then grab drinks after to celebrate.

As you may know, I've already bought my wedding shoes and now as you will see in episode one below, I've also bought my rehearsal dinner/bridal shower/engagement party...etc shoes. Why so soon you ask? Or before you bought your dress you might ask? Well, here me out. The shoes I've purchased (sadly my wedding day shoes are remaining a secret, I can't risk letting Nick see them) are really classic and simple (with a little zing) and should go with just about anything. It's also so hard to find white shoes. Your only chance to find them if you want them from anywhere other than a bridal store is in the summer time. They are nowhere to be seen in the fall or winter unless you're really really lucky and I'm way to terrified to wait until next summer so as soon as I found shoes that made me swoon, I scooped them up.

Enough blabbing, I hope you enjoy the video!