I can’t even begin to describe my reaction when I saw our cake.
It was like all of my mood boards had come to life.

I knew what I wanted as soon as we started planning our wedding. I had fallen in love with Violet Cakes London’s style of cake design when she was announced as the baker for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding last year. I loved the fluffy textured look of her cakes and how she delicately placed flowers and petals on them. Her cakes looked delicious and romantic. I’ve always leaned towards more natural, organic, textured designs and her cakes were just that. They weren’t stiff, the florals seemed like they were supposed to be there. It was unlike any cake I had seen before and I knew it would be perfect for Nick and I.

Screen Shot 2019-08-15 at 7.02.37 PM copy.png

I showed Nicole, our wedding planner (Created Lovely Events) my mood board of cake inspiration (pictured above) and she recommended we use Danielle ( Sprinkle and Whisk).

I looked at her page and instantly fell in love with her. First off she is so incredibly talented. She can literally make anything into a cookie or a cake and they are all stunning.


Then came the cake tasting (is there anything better than free cupcakes?), Nick and I were in the okanagan back in March to see my parents new home and the lovely Danielle arranged to drop off cupcake tasting samples of all different flavors to the airport when we arrived. She brought us 8 cupcakes, all different flavor combinations (they were all amazing) but Nick and I both wanted the cake to be light and refreshing on a hot summer day. So we went with a lemon cake with butter cream vanilla bean frosting.

The morning of the wedding, I awoke to an instagram story teaser of the cake coming together and I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was absolutely stunning and exactly what I had been dreaming of, except, it was even prettier.


On the day of the wedding, Nicole stole Nick and I away to see the reception space (and the cake) and the second I laid eyes on it, I burst into tears. Danielle had knocked it out of the park. It was breathtaking as were the stunning florals that Melinda ( a new leaf florals ) had decorated the cake with in the same style I had loved for so long. Soft cream pastel florals topped the cake and decorated the sides, small flower petals were delicately scattered a top the cake as were a few sprigs of greenery. It was absolute perfection! I think Nick and Nicole had to drag me away from it. I could have stared at it all night.

The whipped looking frosting. It looks incredible in photos and in person. It just makes you want a piece of cake so badly !


Melinda and Danielle figuring out just how to perfectly arrange the florals.


A special thank you to Erin Ainsley who took all of these stunning photos of cake. She is pressing my wedding florals so we can turn them into artwork and took pics of the florals for us as well out of the kindness of her heart. If you are looking to preserve your bouquet or wedding florals, be sure to send her a note. She also donates your florals for you if you want them to live on and bring others joy after your wedding day.