Our wedding planner, Nicole (Created Lovely Events) had the great idea of having Danielle from Sprinkle and Whisk make us branded wedding favour cookies. I loved the idea because that way our guests would have something to eat while waiting for their meals, it would be pretty and we could guarantee guests would actually make use of their favours. As you all know by now, I am trying to reduce the amount of waste I produce, and yes that thought process extended to our wedding.

Nicole messaged me a cookie her and Danielle had worked on together for a styled shoot they did the following year and I loved them. The style was very similar with a smeared design but in that case the cookies served as place cards as well. That was an amazing idea (it also reduces waste as you don't need to use paper for the names).

Nicole messaged me a few months later after having gone through my pinterest board (I know, she is amazing, isn’t she?) she noticed that I loved smeared, textured paintings so we decided to go with a cookie in that style in our colour palette of blush and soft cream. (moldboard pictured below)


A week or two before the wedding Danielle ( Sprinkle and Whisk) messaged me with our first cookie sample which was stunning !


We ended up adjusting them slightly to have a broader smeared stroke (Pictured below)


We couldn’t have been happier with how the cookies turned out. It was actually really neat. Everyone in my family kept their cookies as a keep sake so the day after the wedding they were displayed around my parents house. I agree, they were too pretty to eat!

Nicole and I went back and forth on weather we should display them in a box or a small clear bag with some silk ribbon tying it together and we landed on the clear bag with silk ribbon. That way we could use them as another design elements on the table that would pull our wedding colour palette onto the tables (pulling colours from our centre floral arrangement). We used the blue ribbon to tie in the colour of our wedding signs, the ink in the wedding stationary and our wedding envelopes. Much like our pinks, the colours were more pastel and muted so everything felt very soft and romantic.

Screen Shot 2019-08-18 at 9.25.20 AM.png

photos by Danielle, Nicole and Erin Ainsley