Unlike most pieces I post about, this is definitely a trendier item, however there is something about it that felt timeless to me. I think it’s because it’s a pearl item and I always feel think pearls will always look elegant.

I definitely wouldn’t wear it to an event that would be heavily photoraphed as I may look back at it later and regret it but I think it’s a really fun and affordable way to add a little fun to a basic ensemble.

I did opt for one that could be worn multiple ways so that when the trend dies off I can still wear it as a nice clip in the back of my hair and it won’t look super trendy.

For now, I am opting to wear it on the side of my head, but eventually will probably wear it more in the back of my hair (see references below).

I purchased mine at blue ruby and I encourage you to purchase it in person (If you want one) so you can try it on and get a sense of what works on you. I ended up getting something different from what I thought for that very reason.

For me, this piece is not an investment piece. I spent about $30.00 on mine and wouldn’t have gone above that price. If I get use out of It over the years to come, great and if I don’t, it will be a great piece to use in my daughters hair one day.

I’ve collected some inspiration on how to wear them below:


For more inspiration you can wear pearl barette’s visit my Pinterest here.