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These shoes go with absolutely everything and I mean ev-er-y-thaaang ! I am so excited about them. Can you tell? I found them at Saks off Fifth and they were…guess how much! Seriously, guess! Okay, I’ll tell you. They were $29.00!

As you all probably already know, I am working on really curating my closet. What does that mean? I am focusing on purchasing quality basics that can transition from season to season, year to year and outfit to outfit, without ever going out of style. I am mostly inspired by Nicole the owner of Shop the Curated, one of my favourite shops along with the classic style of some of my icons: Rosie Huntington Whiteley and of course, the one and only Alicia Vikander. Why am I doing this? Well, although investing in quality pieces can feel more expensive at the start, it pays off in the long run when you just need to replace items as they wear and build up your wardrobe over the years. My ideal state is to have the essentials which I am working on outlining for you guys here and introducing a few fun pieces each inspired by the latest trends but ensuring that I find a way to incorporate those trends in a more timeless way.

Anyway, back to the shoes. There are so many great slides out there and these just happen to be the ones I stumbled upon.

I’ve collected some of my favourite ways to wear them below and have also linked some other styles that caught my eye during my search for my new perfect slide.


For more inspiration you can visit my pinterest board on block heel outfits here.