Located in Seattle’s trendy district, Capitol Hill, Poppy is an indian fusion restaurant that serves up unique dishes that pack flavourful punch.

Their specialty dishes are their Thali plates, pictured above. They come on a large platter with a variety of small dishes and one main. They had a vegetarian and meat option the night we went. The Thali Plates are $30 USD, and although they say one is enough for one person, you could get a way with ordering one for two people, if you’re still hungry you can share an appetizer (their eggplant fries are amazing) or a dessert.

If the Thali plates don’t interest you you can order one of their main dishes like the duck pictured on the bottom right. If duck isn’t your jam they had plenty of options to choose including fish, chicken and vegetarian dishes.

I was in the mood for something light so I ordered their burrata salad with a side order of naan bread which was absolutely delicious. There were so many flavours and textures. Plus, how can you ever go wrong with burrata?

We had the eggplant fries to start which were delicious, we were pretty sure they came with honey drizzled over them, so they were actually a little sweet. They reminded me a little of eating french toast.

They also had great cocktails and virgin cocktails, if you aren’t feeling boozy.

I would give my meal a solid 3.5/5. It seemed the only complaints were that the duck got a little tough at some points and was hard to cut through and that some of the small dishes on the Thali plates had an interesting flavour which wasn’t always for the best.